Darrin Bell Gives Us The Talk

A few years back The Daily Cartoonist reported Darrin Bell had signed a two book deal with Henry Holt & Company. Now three years later the first book is being released.

From the Publishers Weekly review:

… Later, after Bell’s white mother prohibited him from playing outside with a water gun, she attempted “the talk,” a conversation between Black parents and their children about living while Black. She cautioned, “White people won’t see you or treat you the way they do little white boys.” When he sneaked out the toy regardless, it resulted in a tense encounter with a police officer …

Darrin is a Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist and the creator of the Candorville comic strip,

and now a father who must decide if it is time to have The Talk with his son.

A couple years ago it was noticed that Candorville was running more reruns than the occasional vacation breaks Darrin explained:

Candorville has been using more reruns than usual for the last few months b/c I’m creating a graphic novel memoir for Holt Publishing, and there are only so many hours in the day. It’s my first graphic novel and it’s way more labor intensive than I’d expected. I’m in the home stretch of that book, though, so you’ll see fewer and fewer reruns.

I have to think that when he signed up for it Darrin wasn’t planning on a 352 page graphic novel!

From Kirkus Reviews:

Bell’s story reflects his awakening to—and gradual comprehension of—the realities of American racism.

Bell’s deft drawings perfectly complement the text, with a watery blue wash and panels of varying sizes and shapes matching the contemplative mood. Funny and nerdy—note multiple references to Star Wars—the book is also deeply moving. Part memoir and part intellectual awakening, Bell’s memoir is a triumph.

The Talk is available for pre-order with a scheduled June 2023 release.