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Darrin Bell Signs Two-Book Deal

The Associated Press is reporting that Darrin Bell and Henry Holt & Company have signed an agreement for two books by the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist.

The first book, “The Talk,” will be published next year. Holt is calling it “a graphic memoir written as a deeply personal meditation on “the talk” Black parents must have with their children about racism and the brutality that often accompanies it.”

The Trayvon Martin sequence is at

The second book, “Come Back Around To You,” will tell of “the author’s discovery of art, his bond with his beloved grandfather, a direct descendant of slaves, and his complicated relationship with his father against the backdrop of Los Angeles.”

[Darrin] won the Pulitzer for editorial cartooning in 2019 and was praised by the Pulitzer board for addressing “issues affecting disenfranchised communities, calling out lies, hypocrisy and fraud in the political turmoil surrounding the Trump administration.”

Read the Associated Press report via the Las Vegas Sun.

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Just recently discovered Candorville. Now one of my favorites.

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