Cartooning and Comic Strips

How he does a Sally Forth pseudo-wallpaper strip.

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From cartoonist Jim Keefe:

Artist Fun Fact: When working on a Sunday page where I’m holding on the same framing for each panel, I work backwards from the sixth panel in regards to the layout – working from how much room I have with the lettering in place. That stipulates the staging for all the previous panels.

Try as I might I keep getting pulled back in.

Editor Therese Bottomly goes public with reader reaction to The Oregonian pulling Dilbert.

A few weeks ago, this newspaper and many others across the country discontinued publishing the comic strip “Dilbert,” after a racist diatribe by its creator, Scott Adams. Reactions to that decision appear to form a bit of a Rorschach test on popular cultural and political discourse right now.

Let me start by saying the response from readers was overwhelmingly positive. I won’t dwell on the few hateful notes I received; most other comments fell primarily into a few camps. Here’s a view into my email in-box…

Pro, con, whataboutism.

Which segues into Comment Etiquette.

The Daily Cartoonist has pretty relaxed rules about commenting and with the Dilbert news it’s taking a beating.

As Comics Kingdom gets bigger, and there are more people commenting, with more diverse opinions and ideas about our comics, it’s easier to run afoul of someone who disagrees with you. We want everyone to enjoy posting here, and to keep the conversations friendly! Friendly arguments and debates are great and can be a lot of fun, but they’re no good if someone leaves feeling like they’ve been personally attacked for sharing their opinions.

So here’s a little primer– in comic form!

Comics Kingdom editor Tea Foughner recently(?) posted a Comment Etiquette in a great illustrated fashion.

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hat tip to Mario 5000 for the alert

Casting JumpStart.

When I heard about Terry Crews being cast in the JumpStart television comedy I naturally thought he would be playing one of Clayton’s sons.

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Don’t know if I can accept Big Terry as normal sized Joe.

Legal Eagle critiques lawyer cartoons.

When you have a spare 15 minutes watch an enjoyable show of attorney Devin Stone reviewing law cartoons.

hat tip Mark Evanier

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  1. I’ll be honest, I must disagree with one point on the “dos and don’ts” illustration. If you really do love Popeye so much, I think you should be allowed to write it in all caps.

  2. Jumping the shark wasn’t good enough for CK. They’re headed for the orca now.

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