Rules for commenting on The Daily Cartoonist

As this blog grows in the number of readers and commentators, it’s become important to clearly outline the rules for posting in the comments. By participating on this blog you are agreeing to abide by these four simple rules:

  1. Remember this is a public forum and act accordingly.
  2. Avoid personal attacks on a cartoonist or other commentators.
  3. Don’t use profanity. Find other words to express your thoughts.
  4. Keep on topic.

I welcome readers to post to the comments. One of the great things about a blog is the dialog that is created and shared among us who are passionate about this art form. Keeping these rules in mind will help keep the community healthy and avoid the flame-wars that drive people away.

Thanks to all who make this site a daily visit.

UPDATE (09/03/2007): In response to occasional comment thread hijackings or posting of incendiary statements, I will be enforcing the following rules:

1. I’ll post a warning comment to all warning that the thread is heading off course.
2. If the participants can’t get the thread back on course, I’ll close down thread.

Individuals who repeatedly hijack threads (or further fan the flames of a hijacked thread) will be banned from future comments.