Scott Adams Responds to Cancellation

Scott Adams response to the Dilbert cancellation from his Twitter account:

Dilbert has been cancelled from all newspapers, websites, calendars, and books because I gave some advice everyone agreed with. (My syndication partner canceled me.)


I’ve lost three careers to direct racism so far. Crocker Bank, Pacific Bell, and cartooning. All three were perpetrated by White people for their own gain. No Black person has ever discriminated against me. That’s partly why I identified as Black for several years.

On his Real Coffee with Scott Adams he makes note that the syndicate really had no choice and he has no bad feelings toward Andrews McMeel Universal. He mentions it at the beginning of the podcast.

7 thoughts on “Scott Adams Responds to Cancellation

  1. How sad. Scott Adams, like many other Americans has been sucked down into a cesspool of hate. They believe without question every comment that supports their views, repeating them and spewing ugliness with no thought as to how it hurts their neighbors, friends and readers. They then blame everyone else for their “cancellation.”
    The end of Dilbert, which many of us will miss, was brought about solely by its creator.

  2. Scrolling through Adams’ Twitter feed, he repeatedly claims “Has anyone disagreed with the opinion that got me canceled? … No disagreement yet.” For someone who thinks he’s far more brilliant than the rest of us, you’d think everyone running away from him at lightening speed and for some (syndicate, publishers) at a loss of revenue would be a clear sign that everyone disagrees with him.

  3. > because I gave some advice everyone agreed with

    If that advice was “how to blow-up your career by being a complete embarrassment to anyone who ever supported you,” then yeah. The rest, not so much.

    Considering Adams had already turned last fall’s Lee Enterprise massacre of dozens of comic strips into being all about him, maybe it shouldn’t be surprising he decided to self-immolate and go out with bang rather than the whimper he was becoming.

    Shocked he didn’t shout “TOP OF THE WORLD, MA!” as his reputation went up in a ball of white heat.

  4. an astounding amount of white America agrees with Scott Adams. There is zero room for civil discourse in this country anymore. We have been divided into two very distinct sides. The sides couldn’t be clearer. One side just wants to live a decent life and truly doesn’t see or care a rat’s ass about the amount of melanin in one’s skin , but how people behave and what they do and how they TREAT OTHERS (almost the entirety of white America) – and the other cannot even literally FUNCTION under any other precept ACCEPT focusing SOLELY and COMPLETELY upon the amount of melanin in one’s skin. And that side – the ONLY action they CAN take (because of exactly what Scott said – a lack of education, SPOT ON) is to instantaneously call the other side a name the minute they disagree with any point, argument, or fact. No discourse, no mature rational debate, no conversation. Just spew names at them. They have actually ironically nullified the word “racist” now from constant overuse and MISUSE. You are DEAD WRONG…millions upon MILLIONS OF US AGREE WITH SCOTT ADAMS. Grow up and learn how to discuss what you have a problem with like a rational thinking mature adult. It is how societies flourish.

    1. Scott Adams, the self-identified smartest guy in the room, fell for a question that came from 4chan several years ago. It was meant to troll and own the libs, and instead appears to have taken down “millions of people”, including you, Adams, and Elon Musk.

      Of course it helps to know history (lack of education, perhaps?), but even without the history, the odd phrasing of the question “Is it OK to be White?”, should have tipped you and Adams off that this isn’t a typical polling question.

      I find it somewhat hilarious that the comic didn’t get the joke.

    2. Wow, You’ve actually spoken with millions and millions of people over the course of a few days? Nice try, Alice!

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