Andrews McMeel Drops Scott Adams

Andrews McMeel Universal announced late Sunday evening that they will no longer associate with Scott Adams.

The full AMU statement:

Andrews McMeel Universal is severing our relationship with Dilbert creator Scott Adams. The process of this termination will extend to all areas of our business with Adams and the Dilbert comic strip.

As a media and communications company, AMU values free speech. We are proudtopromote and share many different voices and perspectives. But we will never support any commentary rooted in discrimination or hate. Recent comments by Scott Adams regarding race and race relations do not align with our core values as a company.

Our creator-first approach is foundational to AMU, and we deeply value our relationships with our creators. However, in the case with Adams, our vision and principles are not compatible.

Hugh Andrews, Chairman
Andy Sareyan, CEO and President


Today (February 27) or possibly last night Andrews McMeel Syndication dropped Dilbert from its solicitation page of comics AMS provides to newspapers for syndication.

Andrews McMeel Publishing, which will no longer publish new Dilbert books, keeps its Dilbert book page up. I doubt anyone seriously thinks AMP should write them off and burn/recycle a warehouse full of Dilbert books.

12 thoughts on “Andrews McMeel Drops Scott Adams

  1. Is this the official end of the Dilbert comic strip because of Scott Adams’ firing? Or will he move to AMS rival King Features Syndicate?

  2. Let’s be clear.
    Adams did this on purpose.
    There’s no way he didn’t know this would happen.

    I’ve long thought that he is unwell. This only strengthens thst belief. This is not the behavior of a healthy person.

    Putting aside his amorality, narcissism, delusions of grandeur and general awfulness, he seems to have become increasingly detached from reality in recent years.

    Step back and look at what just happened here. One of the most successful comic artists in the history of popular entertainment just blew up his own career and reputation (well, what remained of it) because ultimately he gets more pleasure from trolling—and all the scorn and disgust it provokes—than he apparently ever has from acclaim, praise, and goodwill.

    Adams devotes all of his time to trolling. He loves nothing more than being performatively contrarian, incendiary, and offensive, because he is addicted to negative attention.

    And now he’s decided to just blow it all up all at once. Blow up his entire 33-year career and let it burn to the ground.


    That’s what he traded everything in for.

    A healthy person would not behave like this. There’s something deeply wrong with him.

    1. You’re discounting what he’s done and what he is. For YEARS, he has professed white nationalist and neo-Nazi views on ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, and other attributes. He’s also used his considerable platform to promote hateful, violent individuals who have expressed similar views. Back in 2016, he promoted the idea of the genocidal extermination of Muslims. This isn’t anything new to him, but b/c this latest video went viral, media entities, such as Andrews McMeel Universal are being forced to cut ties w/ him.

      Often, the media downplays the effects of this type of hate speech, when they don’t refer to the purveyors of it as what they truly are. It’s what has allowed fascism to spread across the globe like wildwire. People don’t realize that they’re dealing white nationalists and neo-Nazis and those who subscribe to the tenets of their belief system. It’s as harmful as the fascism itself.

    2. His Wikipedia entry lists a number of health issues he’s had which have afected his ability to draw among other things-so you may be correct in more ways than one.

  3. As of Feb. 27, 2023 – The New York Daily News hasn’t dropped Dilbert yet and is still carrying the strip in its 2 page daily comics.

    1. Rochester NY /Democrat and Chronicle/ also ran Dilbert today, in the online “eNewspaper” at least. Paper paper hasn’t been delivered yet (and might not be, based on current performance).

    2. They said it would take a few days.
      “You’re going to see “Dilbert” for a few more days on the pages of The News, despite this decision. That’s because the comics are prepared for publication in advance. We will be working with the syndicates that supply our comics in the coming days to remove “Dilbert” as expeditiously as possible and find a replacement you will enjoy.”

  4. Maybe the KKK would like to start a comics syndicate. Or some MAGA Repuglicans, or Mr. Drumpf. Or QAnon might be a good name for a syndicate.

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