Scott Says Some S?i?l?l?y? Stupid Stuff*

Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams:

“… the best advice I would give to white people is to get the hell away from Black people.”

On his Real Coffee with Scott Adams daily podcast yesterday the cartoonist

took the results of a Rasmussen Poll and stretched it to farcical lengths.

The Daily Beast reports on the 12 minute segment of the nearly hour long podcast:

“I’ve been identifying as Black for a while because I like to be on the winning team,” the right-wing culture warrior sarcastically noted. “And I like to help. I always thought if you help the Black community, that’s sort of the biggest lever, you could find the biggest benefit.”

He added: “But it turns out that nearly half of that team doesn’t think I’m okay to be white. Which is why I identified as Black so I could be on the winning team for a while.”

“I would say, based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to white people is to get the hell away from Black people,” the 65-year-old author exclaimed. “Just get the [f#@&] away. Wherever you have to go, just get away. Because there’s no fixing this. This can’t be fixed.”

Episode 2027 of Real Coffee with Scott Adams is on YouTube (the poll pontification begins at 13:25).

Is the whole thing a fake or is it his reality?

Dilbert © Scott Adams

* Headline edited by popular demand.

What little defense I have is I couldn’t believe Adams was serious. Apparently he was.

29 thoughts on “Scott Says Some S?i?l?l?y? Stupid Stuff*

  1. Ugh. Thanks to the geriatric readership of my local paper I still have to see this yutz’s brain farts in the comic pages. Do we have to bring attention to all of his other cheese headed takes on life?

    1. Hey guys, let’s take his absurdism seriously because that’s how simple minded we are. Is this enough to get him cancelled?

      1. It’s not cancelling when you hold someone accountable for their own words.

        That’s what the obviously fragile conservatives need to grasp: accountability is not cancel culture. Adams should man up and have the courage of his (flawed, hateful) convictions. He doesn’t express them privately. He is a man who sells a service to corporate distributors and therefore, his hateful speech is a problem. Any business would tell you the same thing: keep racist opinions to yourself lest you reflect everybody else associated with your employer.

  2. I interviewed people for the Huffington Post for my “Ten With Tom” column. I interviewed a lot of cartoonists. I asked Scott Adams for an interview, and he agreed, but refused to have it published in the “liberal Huffington Post,” as he called it. I agreed and I had it published elsewhere. Nothing liberal about Scott Adams.

    1. lib·er·al | ?lib(?)r?l |
      1 willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas

      Why would he not want to have his interview published in a medium defined as such?

  3. It’s not silly it’s racist bull, it’s harmful, and it’s a shame.

    but what it is not, is a joke, and I wouldn’t lessen the blow by labelling it as silly talk.

    he’s simply wrong.

    1. And all the SJWs dumped their daily dose of vitrol. Maybe there will one less murder tonight.

  4. Silly? Terrible heading for this story. What he is saying is down right dangerous. Please, please change the heading. I beg you.

    1. Nothing dangerous or racist about what he said. He spoke the truth. There is no fixing what the leftists have perpetrated. If he were a black man and had said for black people to get away from white people u and your ilk would be fawning over how brave he is. Seems u liberals have only two brain cells and they are in a constant battle of tug of war this leaving them incapable of providing u with a coherent thought.

  5. Adams blatantly racist rant video posted on Twitter has resulted in Dilbert being canceled by all Advance newspapers immediately, including The Plain Dealer/ It will only appear in sections printed in advance of today. They have also called on his syndicate to drop Dilbert from online comic sections.

    I applaud this move.
    Jeff Darcy
    Editorial Cartoonist/Opinion writer Plain Dealer

      1. Call it cancel culture if you must, but don’t call it censorship.
        A private company is making a business decision.

  6. When someone says you disagree with, the adult response is to be explain why you disagree, not sign on to a blacklist.

    Declining to publish a piece you disagree with is an editorial or business decision. Blacklisting a long-established creator to appease a howling mob is cowardly censorship.

    1. A business decision is based on what customers want. The days are long gone when newspaper editors could afford to alienate their few remaining readers.

      1. The decision is company-wide, not by individual editors.
        Customers want lower prices, why aren’t corporations providing that?

      2. Customers who want lower prices (i.e., value for money) cancel their subscriptions — as most already have, and as more will do now as a consequence of this foolish move. The few people left in the newspaper business seem intent on hammering the coffin shut good and tight. So be it.

  7. Free speech laws protect people like Adams from going to jail for their comments (unless those comments can be proven to have incited actual violence and physical harm.)

    Free speech laws do NOT protect people like Adams from the economic consequences of their statements.

    His clients are free to level those consequences and newspapers are Adams clients.

    1. Adams’ clients are the end customers, the readers. Newspapers are middlemen who pay good money to acquire content readers want. The economic consequences for the newspapers will be indirect and incremental – another nail in the coffin – but real. For the few remaining readers, it’s one more diminution in value, another straw weighing down the camel.

    2. Steel trap thought. Please get your friends together and take over. I’m 79 now and I’ll take my chances that when you and yours decide something and make a call on what should be done, I will not be singled out for special benefit or singular blame.

  8. My biggest takeaway is that this what happens when all you hear is the echoes of your own confirmation tunnel and think that everything supporting your assumptions are actual fact.

  9. (suggestion of a different name for this article: Context and Analysis: Dilbert Cartoonist Scott Adams)

  10. I’m late to comment here, but can you stop dancing around the obvious here? What he said wasn’t “Silly”, and “Stupid” is still not enough. Call it what it is…”Racist”.

  11. “Episode 2027 of Real Coffee with Scott Adams is on YouTube (the poll pontification begins at 13:25).”

    (first note regarding certain findings of this audio of this “Episode 2027 of Real Coffee with Scott Adams”: findings of certain words or phrases that could be interpreted as having had been attempts at humor (or satirical farces))

    (second note regarding certain findings of the audio of this “Episode 2027 of Real Coffee with Scott Adams”: findings of certain words or phrases often used as forms of profanity in years past)

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