Rick Detorie Rests on The Sabbath

Beginning this year cartoonist Rick Detorie has reduced his workload on One Big Happy to six daily comic strips – the Sunday page has been in rerun status since January 1, 2023.

© Rick Detorie

Christmas Day 2022 (above) was the last new Sunday edition, with reruns from 2017 replacing new strips this year.

One Big Happy began 35 years ago this year, on September 11, 1988. Same day reading of the strip can be had on daily newspaper funny pages, the Creators Syndicate site, the Arcamax comics page, or on newspaper websites that carry the Creators’ digital platform.

One Big Happy as seen at GoComics has always been reruns, Rick not allowing first run strips there.

The Daily Cartoonist effort to reach out to Creators Syndicate has been unsuccessful.

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  1. I wonder if the Sunday New York Daily News comics section is carrying the Sunday reruns or not.

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