Reelin’ and a Rockin’, Rantin’ and A Raven

I got my rant on yesterday, but The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee

© John Hambrock

has me thiiiis close to going off on 21st Century Cracker Jack prizes.

Also yesterday I made a scene about the lack of spotting blacks, but today we are here not to bury but praise Patrick McDonnell’s Mutts where “negative space” is the highlight not the default.

© Patrick McDonnell

For those who missed Mutts title panel this past Sunday it was inspired by the cover of his new book.

Also praiseworthy is the Prince Valiant team.

© King Features Syndicate

As Morgan and her minions return to Castle Le Fay we have probably seen the last of her for a while. I have thoroughly enjoyed her guest-starring role. This (apparent) farewell to Morgan by Mark Schultz and Thomas Yeates is a wonderful example, made better by Thomas Scott Roberts‘ coloring.

One of those last panel ravens looks familiar – is Aleta keeping on eye on the green enchantress?

This is getting too sweet, back to ranting:

© Man Martin

Man Martin‘s Man Overboard has come onto so much praise here that it is time to balance the scale.

It’s “Frammin’ AT” not Frammin’ IN” the Jim-Jam.

© John Hart Studios

And if Wayno is riffin’ on “Farm-to-Fork” shouldn’t that Bizarro read “Maze-to-Meal” instead?

© Bizarro Studios

Sunday Comics Synchronicity

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Pluggers and The Barn featured Sunday comics reading in their Sunday comics.

© Ralph Hagen

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