Beano Cartoonist David Sutherland RIP

The respected and beloved British cartoonist David Sutherland, who has drawn the weekly Beano comics’ The Bash Street Kids for the past 60 years, has passed away.

photo : DC Thomson

From the British comics site Down the Tubes:

The news has just broken, and comes shortly after the announcement an OBE for services to Illustration. He had drawn “The Bash Street Kids” for the BEANO for 60 years.

It’s estimated that, in addition to over 3000 instalments, he has drawn some 4000 “Bash Street” stories, which have also run in various Specials and annuals down the years.

© DC Thomson

Down the Tubes gives an overview of David’s career which included

His other BEANO credits include “Biffo the Bear”, which he took over following the death of Dudley D. Watkins in 1969, drawing the strip until 1986; “Dennis the Menace” from 1970 to 1998; “Gnasher’s Tale”, which launched in 1977, “Rasher” (1984), “The Germs” (1988, replaced in the early 1990s by Vic Neill, “Gnasher and Gnipper”, and “Fred’s Bed”.

He also drew episodes of “Korky the Cat” and “Jak” for The Dandy.

Down the Tubes gives a great accounting with links to other eulogies.

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  1. Legend. Bash Street Kids was one of my favourite strips as a kid and even then I could appreciate the level of artistry compared to other comics in the Beano.

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