Dave Granlund – Consistently A Top 10er

Dave Granlund has drawn both amusement and ire on these pages for years. The local cartoonist’s works are published on the opinion pages of this newspaper and others nationwide each week.

Dave Granlund is profiled in his local newspaper, The Waconia (Minn) Patriot.

The feature article celebrates Dave having three cartoons in Cagle Cartoons’ Top Ten Cartoons of the Year (2022).

In 2022, three of Granlund’s cartoons were among the top 10 most reprinted cartoons of the year, according to Cagle Cartoons newspaper syndicate.

In a bit of serendipity Dave gets fully half of the Cagle Top Ten in this week’s list of most printed cartoons.

The Waconia Patriot continues:

Granlund said, yes, he was aware that some of his cartoons were in top 10, nationally and internationally.

“A nice feeling that my work resonates with people, but I can never tell which cartoons will go viral,” he added.

While Dave’s cartoons frequently feature politics, Daryl Cagle notes about the 2022 Top Ten:

All of these cartoons were reprinted in over 200 newspapers, and they give us an insight into what editors want most as they continue to shy away from cartoons that depict partisan politics that readers might disagree with –there is nothing to disagree with here; no donkeys and elephants, no congress, no Supreme Court, nothing on Russia’s war on Ukraine, nothing about international issues at all.

© Dave Granlund