Comics Off the Funny Pages

Dana Summers was too young for the originals,
perhaps, like many of us, he became a fan later.

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Gary Shapiro retired from KUSA-TV after nearly 50 years with the station.
Rather than a gold watch he got something better, a Drew Litton original.

Watch the presentation with Drew and Gary.


For the Dick Tracy fan on your Christmas list comes…

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Dick Tracy and Flattop action figures with accessories.

When black marketeers hire a contract killer to eliminate the one lawman who has threatened to end their crime spree, the stage is set for a colossal clash of cops and robbers. Will Ace Killer Flattop Jones Sr. fulfill his side of the bargain, or will Detective Dick Tracy get his man?

There’s also Popeye with Olive and Bluto and with Oxheart
mixed among the superhero and horror movie characters.

A new website celebrating the cartoonist of Popeye, The Katzenjammer Kids, Little Iodine, and other comic strips and comic books is up with biographical information about Hy Eisman for openers. 


A trio of British cartoonists have gathered together to gather their comic strips into a digital and
hard-copy magazine, and through the successful effort of their crowdfunding it will happen.


Downthetubes reports on Glenn Dakin, Eddie Campbell, and Phil Elliot joining for a gagfest.