Darrin Bell Takes Candorville to King Features

After not updating to GoComics this week Darrin Bell
informed his fans about the circumstances in the Candorville comments:

This may be the last Candorville to appear on GoComics for a while. The Washington Post Writers Group is closing, so Candorville is moving to another syndicate as of this Thursday. There’s no deal in place yet to keep Candorville on GoComics, but I hope there will be one eventually. Until there is, you could follow Candorville on Candorville.com. To get it emailed to you daily (along with my editorial cartoons), you could follow and support it (and comment on it) on my Patreon at www.Patreon.com/darrinbell , or on my Substack, at darrinbell.Substack.com


As Darrin says in his statement the current Candorville is still available at his Candorville site.
It can also be read at Arcamax.

As reported earlier this year the Washington Post Writers Group is closing the comics portion of their syndication services. They had told the cartoonists that they would continue distributing the comic strips and panels until their contracts ran out. So can we assume Darrin’s Candorville came up for renewal?

Anyway on Darrin’s Patreon page he cleared things up:

In other news, as of this posting, I don’t see today’s Candorville on GoComics, so yesterday’s strip may be the final one to appear there for a while. Candorville goes to King Features Syndicate as of December 1, and there’s no deal in place to keep it on GoComics. I’m trying to secure one, but GoComics and King’s Comics Kingdom are competitors, and I can’t force King to allow the strip to appear on their competitor’s site.

And for his Substack readers:

But Candorville’s here to stay. I’ll post it here on my Substack (early for paying subscribers, and on-time for free ones). I’ll do the same on my Patreon. And once King Features pushes the button to make it live, you’ll also be able to see it at Comics Kingdom, presumably at www.comicskingdom.com/candorville . Most importantly, you can see it in your local newspaper. And if they don’t carry it yet, you can tell them they really should. Your local paper wants to know what you want to see.

© Darrin Bell

So on Thursday December 1, 2022 Candorville is expected to begin as a KFS comic. King Features became the home base of Darrin’s editorial cartoons four years ago, so this is not a new relationship.



Earlier this year Loose Parts, Mike du Jour, and Pickles had moved to Andrews McMeel Syndication. After the Candorville move the Washington Post Writers Group syndicated comics stable will consist of Barney & Clyde, Fort Knox, Reply All, and Reply All Lite.

3 thoughts on “Darrin Bell Takes Candorville to King Features

  1. > GoComics and King’s Comics Kingdom are competitors, and I can’t force King to allow the strip to appear on their competitor’s site.

    While technically true, I wonder how many people are like me and subscribe to both. For me this will require the minor inconvenience of removing it from my GoComics reading list and adding it to my ComicsKingdom reading list.

  2. I bet Barney and Clyde and Fort Knox will end in 2023. And Reply All/Reply All Lite will move to Andrews McMeel in 2023.

  3. Strangely. Reply All and the lite version used to appear on AMS’ GoComics site, but fell on one of their culls.

    As a reader I’m a little disappointed, I feel GoComics is both a better platform (recent outage notwithstanding) and has a better grasp on social interaction than KFS.

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