Pickles and Loose Parts Move to Andrews McMeel – updated

A couple months ago we noted that the Washington Post Writers Group was “winding down” its syndicated editorial cartoon service. Their comic strip division may also be slowing down, if not ending. 

The creators of the Pickles comic strip and the Loose Parts comic panel have told The Daily Cartoonist that come June their features will be syndicated by Andrews McMeel Syndication (AMS).

UPDATE: The Pickles syndicate transition will happen July 1, 2022

© Brian Crane

Brian Crane’s Pickles is a very popular comic strip with a reported circulation of 900 newspapers or more. I have no circulation figures for Dave Blazek’s Loose Parts but I believe these two comics were the most widely syndicated of the Washington Post Writers Group.

Pickles began in 1990, while Loose Parts first appeared in 1998. They are multiple Reuben Divisional Award winners in their categories, and Brian has won the Cartoonist of the Year (The Reuben) award.

© Dave Blazek

Both cartoonists have informed The Daily Cartoonist that the moving date is June 1, 2022 (a Wednesday). Andrews McMeel Syndication confirms the move but was not sure of the date.
(see update above – the confusion is totally my fault. I misread one cartoonist’s note and put the wrong date in the head of and the correspondence with the other cartoonist)

Dave has already listed AMS has his distributor on the Loose Parts Comic page.


This will follow the Sherman’s Lagoon move to AMS on May 1, 2022,

and Baby Blues signing with Andrews McMeel Syndication earlier this year.


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