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GoComics Down “Due to…Cybersecurity Issues”

The Arizona Daily Star is sharing with their
subscribers why the online comics are unavailable:

As many subscribers have noticed, the online comics, puzzles and columns provided by the Andrews McMeel syndicate went offline early Saturday and remains offline today on our website.

The digital service provider is currently experiencing technical difficulties and working to resolve the situation. According to the company, the extended outage is due to apparent cybersecurity issues [emphasis added], and their team is working around the clock to restore operations.

The company cannot estimate exactly when full access to comics, puzzles and columns will be restored. We will update this article as we receive more details.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unfortunate event.

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#1 Kathy Shepard
@ 8:42 pm

Thanks for the update

#2 Gordon Fidler
@ 10:51 am

At least somebody is letting us know what is going on. Thank You

#3 Paul Chiles
@ 11:24 am

Does this mean they are unraveling a ransomware attack?

#4 Mark Jackson
@ 2:54 pm

Progress, perhaps: “We are updating the site for you and will be back shortly. In the meantime, how about playing a game on our sister site.

#5 Lindsay cooper
@ 5:23 pm

Thank you for someone finally letting us know what’s going on…it’s been 4 days with no explanation.

#6 Karin Kruger
@ 7:17 pm

I just went to Aunty Acid and was able to scroll forward to today (11-22-22). I also went to and it starts with comics updated today. I have not received daily emails of my comics yet but those are normally sent around 02:00. The other thing I noticed is strips that were MIA due to links not being found are now restored. I’m in central time zone and it is 19:16.

#7 Linda Miku
@ 1:35 pm

There are so few comic being published in the paper now (thank you, cheap bastages Lee Enterpises), I’m surprised that anyone noticed.
It’s also the reason we killed our suscription.

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