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The Great Comics Conspiracy of 2022 Continues – Finding the Funnies Comics Kingdom Edition

And now it’s Comics Kingdom – c’mon!

Finding the updated King Features Syndicate strips will be easier than the GoComics.

note: again this applies to comics syndicated to newspapers
but not those in rerun status nor the web only comic strips.


© Liniers

Between Arcamax and The Washington Post comics page most KFS comics will be found.

The WaPo carries the continuity and adventure strips (which number Judge Parker now).

Scrolling past the Arcamax comics is a list of nearly six dozen editorial cartoonists.

© North America Syndicate

Among the missing from the above sources are:

Funky Winkerbean
Pardon My Planet
Pros and Cons
Take It From the Tinkersons (see comment below)

Comics Kingdom has issued a statement on Facebook and Twitter.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to serving up all your favorite comics ASAP!

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#1 Bob Crittenden
@ 10:33 am

I’m not having any luck with WaPo; are they directly linked to GoComics?

#2 Mike Newell
@ 10:39 am

“Take It To The Tinkersons” can be found on Arcamax.

#3 D. D. Degg
@ 10:41 am

WaPo is only good for King Features at the moment, not AMS.

#4 Darryl Heine
@ 11:04 am

Hope Elon Musk isn’t trying to stop comic strip distribution websites like his Twitter takeover.

#5 Jane M. Byrne
@ 11:27 am

I am hoping that this glitch will be corrected and both Comics Kingdom and Go Comics are back up and running. I hope that this is just routine maintenance and not some kind of ransomware attack. I love the comics, I have since I was little. The obituary for the genre has been written and rewritten many times, but no one has found a way to kill it yet.

I will wait until after the holidays and see if there’s any change. I’m 98% certain that this is either maintenance or an unfortunate, but natural, technical malfunction. But we’ll see.

#6 Unca $crooge
@ 11:44 am

To Jane @#5 – Routine maintenance never lasts three days which is how long Go has been down. I’m going to guess that their IT group wasn’t called in over the weekend because, otherwise, this would be pretty embarrassing to be down this long.

#7 Darryl Heine
@ 1:05 pm

Any updates on the GoComics and/or Comics Kingdom fix ups yet?

#8 Bob Kagy
@ 1:14 pm

To Darryl: I am seeing my Comics Kingdom favorites page working as it usually does, so perhaps they’ve resolved their problem.

#9 Rosie Plichta
@ 1:41 pm

This has to be a ransomware attack. It sucks. It has also taken down all the Andrew’s Mcmeel word games–which are on USA papers, Merriam Webster, Shockwave etc. They should be honest about it with us I think.

#10 Uncle $crooge
@ 3:20 pm

@ Rosie (#9) Apparently they have just one demand – a new creative trsm on “Alley Oop”.

#11 Anthony Johnson
@ 1:33 pm

My favorite pearls before swine is the takeoff on
The famous Abbot and Costello routine,”
“Who’s on first,’. Woulp0d like a giant print of it.

#12 D. D. Degg
@ 2:14 pm


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