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Lee Papers Notify Readers of GoComics Crash

Two months ago Lee Enterprises performed a major shake-up of their comics pages, part of which ballyhooed the nearly 500 comics that would be available to subscribers online.

Today they are notifying subscribers that GoComics is down:

The service that provides our online comics and games, Andrews McMeel publishing, is currently offline and working to restore service.

The outage is affecting all their customers, include STLtoday.

Thank you for your patience.

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#1 Orinoco Womble
@ 10:56 am

Gocomics has been down for three days now. Started Saturday 19th. No end in sight. The page doesn’t even offer an explanation, just that it’s “unavailable. “

#2 Jim Lynch
@ 4:40 pm

I assume we’ll get at least a partial refund.

#3 Carl Knoblock
@ 7:37 pm

It’s a good thing CoComics isn’t the only comics I read. I have other comics to keep me going during the outage. Currently, Comics Kingdom is not reachable on Firefox by the link sent in email. A little editing fixes it, or just using an old bookmark. I worry anytime a comics website is unavailable.

#4 Carl Knoblock
@ 8:04 pm

Refund? Much easier and cheaper to just add days to the end of our subscriptions.

#5 Larry Benac
@ 2:02 pm

Typical of what has been going on with Lee enterprises, everything they touch turns to crap including deliveries here in Lincoln. If we get our paper the same day it’s early.

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