The Spinning TDC Topic Wheel Lands On…


In Delaware is a politician, running for an office to verify accuracy and maintain laws, who stole the property of Ann Telnaes and The Washington Post, photoshopped out the original meaning, chopped off Ann’s name, and, without permission, used it as a campaign ad.

© The Washington Post/Ann Telnaes

J.P. at the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists has the full story.


The next spin gives us … Lists

© Marvel Comics

Brian Cronin, at Comic Book Resources, gives the most recent vote of All Time Top Comic Book Writers and Artists (favorite 50 in each category). Spoiler for Silver Age Marvel Maniacs: None of the core 1960s or 1970s Marvel Bullpen gets the #1 spot.


Spin again and it’s … Grayscale

© Creators Syndicate

We have been fans of John Deering‘s new coloring style on his Strange Brew since he switched to it a couple years ago, but the gray word balloons has us doubting our eyesight.



Mike, at Comic Strip of the Day, has mentioned on occasion that a number of editorial cartoonists, on occasion, will come up with the same idea. That also is not unknown with comic strip/panel cartoonists.

© Tom Falco; © Creators

Tom Falco hates when that happens.

You can see my Halloween related cartoons here at

But know what? John Deering, the Strange Brew cartoonist, ran the same thing yesterday in



© The Center for Cartoon Studies

The Center for Cartoon Studies was challenged by Vermont’s Secretary of State office and Vermont Humanities to create a graphic guide about the past, present, and promise of democracy and civics in our brave little state. Freedom and Unity is the answer to that challenge.

Here in Vermont, freedom isn’t a free-for-all and unity doesn’t mean uniformity. From Town Meetings to cooperatives, and all the way up to the state house, Vermont’s approach to democracy is by turns unique, varied, and inspired.

The Guide is available in print or as a free pdf.



© Maria Scrivan

Maria Scrivan stretches our memories with a long-gone superhero in today’s Half Full.

Elongated Man? Mr. Fantastic? Elastic Lad? Stretch Armstrong?



2 thoughts on “The Spinning TDC Topic Wheel Lands On…

  1. The stretchy guy is Plastic Man. His heyday was the 1940s and his original book folded in the early 1950s, but he’s been revived several times and has had his own TV cartoon show and a stint as a member of the Justice League of America, among other stuff.

  2. That’s Plastic Man. Gail Simone recently had a quite successful series starting him. He’s an interesting character, a former thug/gangster turned wise cracking hero. Definitely a DC Comics fan favorite.

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