Cartoon Denigrates Muslim Men and Women

From Blacklantic:

On August 16th, L’Acadie Nouvelle, described on Wikipedia as an independent French newspaper published in Caraquet, New Brunswick released this cartoon to the public…..

Ha ha, right? Violence against women. Rape. Ownership of people through force. Classic comedy. Love it <- (this is sarcasm).

Needless to say, the outrage is growing among communities, especially Middle Eastern/Arab ones as this circulates.

This is incredibly ignorant, lazy work by the artist, at BEST, and at worst, a sign of something much more, a reoccurring problem in society we can’t seem to ever completely fix, and a problem at this Newspaper, given that it was allowed to be published.


From freshgooglenews (who refused to run the cartoon unredacted):

Marcel Boudreaux’s caricature depicts a caveman dragging a woman alongside an image of a man wearing a turban and holding a pistol, using a leash to pull a woman wearing a burqa.

Moncton-based activist Hafsa Mohammed said the cartoons “turn into something and degrade Muslim women”.

The cartoon was quickly removed from the newspaper’s website, but can still be found in the digital and print editions of the Wednesday newspaper.

[Inda Intiar] wrote a letter to the editorial team on Thursday outlining her concerns, saying she “finds it incredibly disappointing that neither the cartoonist nor the people who agreed to publish it see the problems with her.”

In response, Francis Saunier, the newspaper’s editor and managing director, told Global News in French: “The cartoon was a commentary on the behavior of the Taliban in a particular part of the world, Afghanistan. Nothing else.”



3 thoughts on “Cartoon Denigrates Muslim Men and Women

  1. I am completely baffled and disappointed to find that non Muslim individuals find a political cartoon reminding everyone Muslim Men historically and consistently degrade women is upsetting and objectionable.

    This is the religious sect which in January 2015 attacked and killed 12 cartoonists at Charlie Hedbo over a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad, and recently attacked author Salman Rushdie over a 33-year-old proclamation made by Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

    If you don’t wish to be ridiculed for your treatment of women perhaps you should consider moving tenets of your religion into the 21st-century?

  2. If you lived in a more pluralistic area, you might be aware that the “Muslim” is also the nice gentleman who owns the deli on the corner, and his outspoken wife doesn’t do ANYTHING she doesn’t want to do.

    It’s like assuming that all Christians are like the loud ignorant fundamentalist yelling “Women should keep silent in the church.”

  3. Oh stop it! The cartoon does not ‘Denigrate Muslim Men and Women’ – let’s stop with the ceaseless application of de-facto sharia laws as censorship criterion. Why should Islam or Islamic values have an unequitable level of immunity from comment, criticism and satire that Christians don’t have? The cartoon is ‘islamophobic’? Then by the same criteria, journalists should be outraged and provide news coverage whenever a cartoon depicts the Pope or Christians in an unsavoury fashion and denounce it as Christianophobia.
    Editorial cartoons are satires which exaggerate a political situation – women’s rights under Taliban rule are deplorable.
    What next, we’ll be denouncing the ‘offensive depiction’ of groups who are involved in genocide or mass murder?
    Hypocritical nonesense.

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