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Going Up the Country for a Bucolic Sunday

Seems a number of comics have decided they’re “gonna leave this city, got to get away.”



Serenity does not rule all the countryside.


But mostly…


Doonesbury © G.B.Trudeau 
Hi and Lois © Comicana Inc

Baldo © Baldo Partnership
Pearls Before Swine © Stephan Pastis
Frazz © Jef Mallett
Prickly City © Scott Stantis
Mark Trail © North America Syndicate
Broom-Hilda © Tribune Content Agency
Animal Crackers © Tribune Content Agency
KidSpot © Andrews McMeel Syndication

Little Oop © UFS
Ziggy © Ziggy and Friends

Prince Valiant © King Features Syndicate
One Big Happy © Creators Syndicate
Breaking Cat News © Georgia Dunn
Shoe © MacNelly
Wallace the Brave © William Wilson
Monty © Jim Meddick
Hagar the Horrible © King Features Syndicate
Hi and Lois © Comicana Inc

Community Comments

#1 Bob Crittenden
@ 11:21 am

Clicking on the Doonesbury link does not show that mountain sunrise, though some mountains can be seen out Mike’s window.

#2 D. D. Degg
@ 11:56 am

I am aware of only two places where the Doonesbury title panel is available. Your local newspaper if they run Doonesbury at the half page size and Stars and Stripes:

#3 Steve
@ 1:04 pm

All this post needs is one of those great Watterson watercolor landscapes with Calvin & Hobbes lounging under a tree.

#4 James M. Delach Jr.
@ 6:03 pm

D.D. regarding the Doonesbury title panel, it could also be available if included in vertical format. The Tampa Bay Times runs it that way.


#5 James M. Delach Jr.
@ 6:05 pm

Looks like my link can’t work here. Let’s try again.

#6 Andrea Denninger
@ 8:12 am

Poncho, from Pooch Café, has – to his dismay – been in the country all month . . . beginning here:

It’s not been bucolic for him, but then, nothing ever satisfies him.

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