Pete Kesling – RIP

Orthodontist and cartoonist Pete Kesling has passed away.

Dr. Peter Crawford (Pete) Kesling
January 1, 1932 ~ July 25, 2022 


From the obituary:

Peter’s professional and business experience included President/CEO of TP Orthodontics from 1958-1980, Exclusive Orthodontic Practice (Retired), and Kesling & Rocke Group from 1958 – 2005. He also had the La Porte County Historical Society Museum Building built in 1995. Peter was an accomplished author of several orthodontic textbooks, a worldwide lecturer on orthodontic techniques, and a holder of over fifty United States and Foreign Patents in the Dental, Orthodontic and Automotive fields.

He especially enjoyed being named in the 1973 Guinness Book of World Records for Worlds’ Largest Cartoon, which was 3 stories high and one block long.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find a picture of Pete’s world record setting cartoon.

However we did find a number of covers Pete drew for the University of Arizona Kitty Kat student publication, of which he was art editor for a few years.

We happened upon a cartoon “doodle” of his after his Arizona years:

Also after Arizona Pete co-edited a collection of college cartoons.


That second article notes: