Comic Strips: Yesterday and Today

Wallace the Brave gets my, to borrow a phrase, Comic Strip of the Day endorsement.

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A week late.

Wayno‘s Saturday roundup is already up for this week’s Bizarro panels
but I still want to point out his entry from last Saturday.

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Wayno says:

I enjoy doing clown gags, and I love it when I come up with a wordless gag. This one checked both boxes.

Although the drawing and joke are simple, I hit a snag when doing the strip conversion.

I find the minutia of comic strip cartooning interesting and Wayno’s attempts to make a specific vertical gag work in a horizontal format was fascinating.


Rhymes with chit.

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Newspaper comics are getting as bold as s–t. Today’s Rhymes With Orange.


Ten for Toro

He’s had over 200 cartoons published in The New Yorker these past dozen years and just last week his new digital comic strip called “Home Free” debuted at the website.

© Tom Toro & Andrews McMeel

Tom Falco had the opportunity to have Tom Toro respond to Ten With Tom.

TOM TORO: Initially, I’d gotten to know an editor at a different syndicate, United Media, where we were planning to spin my New Yorker gag cartoons into a daily single-panel comic. … But the editor moved over to Andrews McMeel, and our idea kind of fell by the wayside … I reconnected with the editor … It just so happened that Andrews McMeel was launching a new development program at the time, and they thought my concept would be a perfect test case … We started collaborating …

to Rob S. for the above item.

And congratulations to Tom Falco!


You too may be able to join the National Cartoonists Society.


Not in California

© McKee & Sligh

Mt. Pleasant has featured a Slip ‘n’ Slide® all week.

Here in drought-stricken California toys requiring continuous water flows are outlawed. Or soon will be.


What th –?!

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If the current story in The Phantom has you confused, Joseph Nebus explains what’s going on.
Joseph also keeps track of Judge Parker, Gasoline Alley, Dick Tracy,Mary Worth and other continuities.


Not The Fire Swamp

© John Hambrock

Are Orville and Edison going down that hole?

The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee is lost in some unnamed woods.


A Very Good Height Indeed

In a different part of those same woods?

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Jim Keefe passes on a trick of the drawing-comic-art trade (“Hunt #107 pen nib and jeweler’s loupe‘) after Hillary in Sally Forth has apparently met and partook of a certain caterpillar’s offering.


Comic Strip Laugh of the Day

© Tauhid Bondia

Kevin and Miles, friends and neighbors at Crabgrass Drive.


Rob Hanes Meets Funky Winkerbean

© Batom Inc

I mentioned that one of the highlights was having dinner with Funky Winkerbean cartoonist Tom Batiuk and his lovely wife. I first became acquainted with Tom around 2014 or ‘15 at the San Diego Comic-Con, where … that morphed into a commission to produce a faux-comic book cover featuring characters he had created as a budding kid cartoonist that appeared in the February 14, 2016 Funky Winkerbean Sunday strip, fulfilling a lifelong dream to be a newspaper cartoonist (albeit in a one-off)!

Randy Reynaldo and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Batiuk dine in San Diego.


A Krazy Week

Comics Kingdom doesn’t have the proof sheet for the Krazy Kat dailies of July 20  – July 25, 1936. Here are those dailies taken from The Idaho Statesman via

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