Funnies From a Lost Weekend

I’m a fan of the Sunday Garfield title panels going way back.
Here’s a few title panels from the randomly chosen Summer of 2007.

So yesterday’s (July 17, 2022) title panel amused and surprised me.
The surprise is that I don’t remember ever seeing a Garfield title panel like it.

© Paws Inc.

There may have been sequential panels used before, but this is really a daily strip.


John Deering and Strange Brew continue to impress.
Of course John is a cartoonist, but the last few years have got me thinking “artist.”

© Creators Syndicate


If you are going to draw a giant rising from the earth, what’s your inspiration?

Sally Forth and Steve © King Features; Swamp Thing © DC Comics

For Jim Keefe, drawing the new Sally Forth monster, it’s Steve Bissette and John Totleben.

From Jim’s Facebook page:

Steve Bissette and John Totleben’s art is what got me to apply to the Joe Kubert School back in the day (both of them having been students there). Fun to give some of their Swamp Thing vibes to the July 17th Sally Forth Sunday page.

Ces gives us more Adventures of Ted.


The San Diego Comic Con starts later this week.

© Patrick McDonnell

Patrick McDonnell continues his tradition of paying tribute to it in this week’s Mutts.


© NEA; strips via Heritage Auctions

Leslie Turner took over the Captain Easy comic strip from Roy Crane.

Today Paul Trap pays tribute to Leslie’s daughter at Thatababy.

© Paul Trap


© King Features Syndicate

Randy Milholland brings up an old Segar story in Sunday’s Popeye.

Here’s the reference:


I love Phoebe’s (Dana’s?) attitude.

© Dana Simpson


Not sure what’s going on at Comics Kingdom.

But they ran the July 1, 1936 strip on Saturday July 16, 2022.

In the event it was a typo, something I’m well acquainted with,
below is the July 2, 1936 issue of George Herriman’s Krazy Kat.

© King Features Syndicate

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  1. I was friends with Les Turner and his wife Bethyl for a few years before he died. Bethyl was our realtor, helping us buy our first home in Orlando back in 1984… When next we meet face to face at a Reubens, AAEC, or some sort of cartoonist human sacrifice ritual, Mike, remind me tell you a couple of stories about Les, his daughter, the Gerber baby, his studio, and his car.

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