Robert C. Harvey Has Passed Away

Filmmaker Tom Tanquary is informing us of the sad news that
cartoonist and comics historian R. C. Harvey has passed away.


 There will be more as details emerge.

8 thoughts on “Robert C. Harvey Has Passed Away

  1. Very sad if true. My impression of Bob from his online persona was that he had very strong opinions, wasn’t shy about sharing them, and was kind of a cranky misanthrope. So I was leery when I met him a few years ago, but he couldn’t have been friendlier or kinder. Easy to smile and laugh, with a twinkle in his eye. Very engaging. A lovely man.

    My in-person takeaway was that he just loved comics, and loved talking about them with anybody else who loved them too. His passion and historical perspective will be missed.

  2. This is incredibly sad news, especially considering the circumstances of his death and timing. RC was looking forward to attending ComiCon and was bringing his whole family for the showing of the film he collaborated on with Tom Tanquary. RC’s passion for the artform and history of comics was unsurpassed. He will be greatly missed. Brian’s description of him is spot on.

  3. I had the pleasure of meeting Bob several times, even sharing a table with him during a cartoonists signing on my first Reubens trip. He was a knowledgeable comics historian and a good cartoonist on his own right. He will be missed.

  4. I am a friend of the family and have known both Bob and Linda since the 70s.. Sadly he passed away on 7/7/2022 from many complications of a fall on 6/29. His humor will be missed at a time when we could all use it.

  5. Bob was a great guy and a fantastic cartoonist. I’m going to miss seeing him at the area conventions and comic shops.
    I’m glad for time I got to spend with him and hoping that his work will live on in the digital ether.

  6. I first met Bob years ago when he co-founded the Chicago Chapter of the NCS. He was a wonderful man, quick-witted, knowledgeable and generous to a fault. He will certainly be missed.

  7. RC/Bob was a regular at our Greater Rockies Organization of Ultimate Panelologists (GROUP) meetings for the last 9 years and we loved having him there. I enjoyed getting to know him and we spent more time talking about everything but comics. His knowledge, sense of humor, and general good nature will be missed.

  8. I first met Bob at the San Diego Comic Con, or was it a Reubens weekend? I’m not sure because Bob was always there and he was published everywhere! He was a true champion of the art form and an intelligent critique of the business. But most of all, Bob was gentleman to all and a friend to me. I’ll miss his impish smile and fast wit.

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