25 Years of Zits

On July 7, 1997 Baby Blues writer Jerry Scott and editorial cartoonist Jim Borgman
introduced 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan to newspaper readers with the Zits comic strip.

The comic strip began with a decent client list and has grown considerably since.

Zits appears in more than 1,600 newspapers worldwide in 45 countries and is translated into 15 different languages. The comic has an estimated daily readership of more than 200 million readers.

Scott and Borgman were already seasoned veterans of the newspaper syndicate business,
but they were hardly prepared for the quick success of their comic strip.

On this page you will find the first week of Zits from twenty-five years ago.


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title panel of the 1st Sunday Zits.

2 thoughts on “25 Years of Zits

  1. Zits has been consistently good for a quarter of a century now, and does generational humour right. Good job, guys.

  2. I read Zits only sporadically. 25 years later, does Jeremy still have a brother? I don’t recall hearing about him.

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