Fitz Opines on Gannett Having No Opinion

Editorial Cartoonist David Fitzsimmons, who is no stranger to creating reader reaction (see above), has returned from vacation to learn that the Gannett newspapers are adverse to opinion pages.

This lucky cartoonist, as I often note, is also fortunate because my weekly cartoons are syndicated globally by Daryl Cagle’s Cagle Cartoons, Incorporated. When I returned from celebrating my semi-retirement last week I saw this notice from Daryl Cagle informing we cartoonists Gannett has given notice to all syndicates they are terminating all content produced by editorial cartoonists and opinion columnists. All of it.

A devotee of the Google News Initiative, Gannett argues that opinion content is divisive…

Opinion is “our least read content.” And is “frequently cited by readers as a reason for canceling their subscriptions.” Must be after they don’t read them…

Read Fitz’s column here. 

© The Arizona Daily Star/David Fitzsimmons