Yes, More Sunday Funnies

Not sure that I noticed until yesterday that the typeface of the Little Baldo logo
is a tribute to the original Little Archie logo.

© Baldo Partnership; © Archie Publications


This I did know, but like to be reminded once in a while:

© Jim Toomey

Sherman’s Lagoon is inhabited by a man-eating shark.


Totally surprised that today’s Judge Parker Sunday was by new artist Scott Cohn.

© North America Syndicate

Was expecting a couple more Sunday’s by Mike Manley. That had to be a tight deadline.


Over on The Other Coast it’s funny ’cause it’s true.

© Hairy Dog Productions

Or maybe not so funny.


In Non Sequitur it does follow that if things are going good …

© Wiley Ink, Ltd.

a change is gonna come.


Again impressed with wonderful Mutts art.

© Patrick McDonnell

If he ever slows down McDonnell better keep the Sundays going.


The conspiracy theorists have taken over Rabbits Against Magicland.

© Jonathan Lemon

That’s as political as I’ll get here.


More great comic art in Strange Brew.

© Creators Syndicate

And a laugh out loud gag too.


From the beginning of the week, Willy ‘n Ethel gives me an idea.

© Neatly Chiseled Features


And now … Funnies In Your Future!

Crabgrass starts tomorrow.

© Tauhid Bondia


While Ted and Sally Forth go on vacation.

© King Features Syndicate