Origin of Garfield’s Lasagna Obsession

One of the most successful comic-book characters ever created, Garfield isn’t exactly characterized by a sense of mystery. The tabby loves lasagna, hates Monday, and can’t resist leveling withering put-downs at his owner Jon Arbuckle. However, there are a few facts about Garfield that have managed to remain little-known despite his international reach, and one is the surprisingly logical reason he’s obsessed with a seemingly random foodstuff.

Created in 1976 for the comic strip Jon, Garfield enjoys continued fame and popularity today … Garfield’s inoffensiveness allows his adventures to be enjoyed on multiple levels, especially given bizarre fictional and real-life moments – like the strip in which his life is suggested to be a dying hallucination …

However, unlike Garfield’s hatred of Mondays (which apparently comes from the start of Jon’s work week reminding Garfield of his empty, cyclical existence), his love of lasagna is relatively sweet.

Robert Wood, at Screen Rant, explains Garfield’s love of lasagna.

above: lasagna first mentioned in the 27th Garfield comic strip © Paws Inc.