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Health News: Brians Bassett & Duffy; Mike Shelton?

The Red and Rover comic strip has been in daily rerun status for a month, since May 23, 2022.
Darryl Heine, who tracks comic strip reruns like we track Good Humor Man movements, contacted creator Brain Bassett to ask what was going on.

Brian replied:

I had cancer surgery to remove tumors from my pancreas and spleen. I will be recovering for the next two months at least.

© Brian Bassett

© Brian Duffy

Elsewhere it’s been two and a half months since editorial cartoonist Brian Duffy last posted a cartoon. (Though he did post one to social media a few weeks ago.)

A commenter on Brian’s Comics Kingdom page contacted Brian in May:

I reached out to him thru his site a week or so ago. He’s not doing well. For those of us who believe in prayer, adding him might be good.

© Mike Shelton

Which brings us to Mike Shelton, who also has not posted a cartoon recently,
his last was dated May 21, 2022.Whether he is ill or retired is unknown.
We wrote to him but have not gotten any reply to our inquiry.


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