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As a cartoonist, I’m always asked about my greatest influences. I have quite a few, but my earliest — like many, many cartoonists — was Charles Schulz (Peanuts).

Therefore, you can imagine how honored I am to be speaking at the Charles M Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA on Saturday, June 25! It’s a beautiful museum and venue. I visited in 2009 and can’t wait to get back.

Terri Libenson Conducts a Chalk Talk this coming Saturday.


Creator Alex Hirsch has released what he claims are hilarious “real notes” he received from Disney’s censorship department, for revisions to his 2012 show Gravity Falls.

In celebration of the ten year anniversary of the series’ release, Hirsch exposed some of the “fights” he had with Disney regarding censoring the show.

Among the notes from the network, one reads: “Please revise ‘poopface’ as it comes across as a replacement for ‘s***face’. Prior use of Mabel saying ‘Poop. Poop. And Butts’ in the episode ‘Fight Fighters’ came across as more childlike and not as offensive.”

To which Hirsch argued: “I’ve never met a human on earth of any age who would be offended by a cartoon saying the word ‘poop face.’ Not changing it.”

Disney’s Censorship Department vs. Creator Alex Hirsch.


A massive new mural is encouraging Angelenos — especially those of Latino heritage — to get their COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters.

The 8-story-tall “Boost La Familia” mural was painted on the side of the LA Department of Water and Power building on 2nd Street, and is visible from the adjacent 110 Freeway.

It was designed by Lalo Alcaraz, the award-winning cartoonist and creator of the nationally syndicated comic “La Cucaracha,” in partnership with the California Department of Public Health.

KCAL – LA reports on a very public Public Service by Lalo Alcaraz.


Because Naver owns and operates LINE – a famous mobile app with 460 million registered users at the time, Webtoons became LINE Webtoons which was launched in 2014 in the US. The goal of LINE Webtoons was to provide a variety of digital comics in English and to raise awareness of the Naver’s Webtoons brand all over the world. Y.G.Kwon, an analyst, said that Naver’s top aim would be to secure a large global audience base through webtoons.

…Furthermore, the publisher announced that creators who meet the following requirements will receive an additional $1,000:

  1. Make an update at least twice per month
  2. Own over 3k followers in all regions and have over 10k US page views per month.


  1. Have 5k+ subscribers in all regions and have 5k+ US page views a month

TechBullion outlines WEBTOON’s development in the United States.


When Amazon purchased Comixology, the internet’s premiere digital comics site, fans were worried. As it turns out, they had every right to be, as the “revamped” service was absolutely terrible—so terrible that Amazon had to promise some (very basic) improvements a mere week later. However, the new Comixology is still not as good as it used to be… but at least now a new round of updates is on the way.

The digital comics store/reader released a Twitter thread of upcoming improvements to the service, including the long-awaited ability (rather, the return of the ability) to view double-page spreads.

Gizmodo details Amazon’s attempt to improve Comixology.


Gannett, the publisher of USA Today and more than 250 other daily print newspapers, reportedly wants to scale back opinion pieces on its pages.

A committee of the company’s top editors cited negative reader feedback and sinking subscriptions as rationale for reimagining editorial sections.

Earlier this month Mediaite updated the Gannett-changing-the-editorial-pages story.


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