How Many Staff Editorial Cartoonists Are There?

We always hear that there are a little over 25 editorial cartoonists on staff at print newspapers in the United States. Or a bit under 50, or around two score and two, or about three dozen, or …

But never a list of those dwindling souls.

Eric Devericks moved on.

So here is a list of staff editorial cartoonists at print newspapers, but we need your help in adding to the list since we have certainly, but not purposely, overlooked some. If we have attributed staff status to some on the list that are no longer in that position please let us know that also.

Our list, which floats “around 30” (in alphabetical order):


Pat Bagley 
Salt Lake Tribune (Huntsman)

Clay Bennett 
Chattanooga Times Free Press (WEHCO)

Bill Bramhall 
New York Daily News (Daily News)

Steve Breen 
San Diego Union-Tribune (Soon-Shiong)

John Cole 
Scranton Times-Tribune(Times-Shamrock)
>see comments<

JD Crowe 
Alabama Media Group

Jeff Danziger 
Rutland Herald (Sample)

Jeff Darcy 
Cleveland Plain Dealer (Advance)

John Darkow 
The Missourian (Missourian)

Matt Davies 
Newsday (Dolan)

Michael de Adder
Washington Post (Nash)

John Deering 
Arkansas Democrat Gazette (WEHCO)

Jim Dyke 
Jefferson City News Tribune (WEHCO)

Walt Handelsman 
Times Picayune/The Advocate (Georges) 

Phil Hands 
Wisconsin State Journal (Lee)

added: Alexander Hunter
            Washington Times (Washington Times)

Kevin Kallaugher (KAL) 
Baltimore Sun (Tribune)

Steve Kelley 
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Block)

Mike Luckovich 
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Cox)

Andy Marlette 
Pensacola News-Journal (Gannett)

R. J. Matson 
CQ Roll Call (CQ Roll Call/Fiscal Note)

Kevin Necessary 
Cincinnati Enquirer (Scripps)

Jack Ohman 
Sacramento Bee (McClatchy)

Joel Pett 
Lexington Herald Leader (McClatchy)

Michael Ramirez 
Las Vegas Review-Journal (News + Media)

John R. Rose 
Daily News-Record (Ogden)

Drew Sheneman 
Star Ledger (Advance)

Kevin Siers 
Charlotte Observer (McClatchy)

Mike Smith 
Las Vegas Sun (Greenspun)

Ann Telnaes 
Washington Post (Nash)

Christopher Weyant 
Boston Globe (Henry)

Matt Wuerker 
Politico (Axel Springer)

Adam Zyglis 
Buffalo News (Lee)

5 thoughts on “How Many Staff Editorial Cartoonists Are There?

  1. We’re talking staff. The reports are always saying that the once hundreds of STAFF cartoonists are now down to dozens. We are trying to get close to an exact number of those staff cartoonists.
    Please let us know who are not staff on our list and who we have not listed who should be on the list.

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