Bret Blevins Identified as Phantom Ghost Artist

The Phantom cover art by Bret Blevins and Terry Austin

The Chronicle Chamber has revealed that Bret Blevins is the ghost artist temporarily relieving Mike Manley on The Phantom daily comic strip. They stress that it is a temporary situation.

Due to some personal reasons the popular daily artist has had to temporary hand over the pencils and inks to Bret Blevins. Let us stress, this is just a temporary fill in. Expect to see Mike back soon.

Read the full Chronicle Chamber report.

The Phantom daily comic art by Bret Blevins; © King Features Syndicate

The Phantom Wiki has a bit about Bret’s previous assistance on The Phantom.

Mike himself has touted friend Bret’s inks over his Phantom and Judge Parker pencils.

Judge Parker comic art by Mike Manley and Bret Blevins; © North America Syndicate


One thought on “Bret Blevins Identified as Phantom Ghost Artist

  1. I agree, I think Bret is helping/doing the Phantom.

    I don’t think he is doing Judge Parker. I think that is John Heebink also, as someone else noted. Just based on some of the art (not the digital/saved Manley art that is being used), but the new ones.
    Like Neddie’s face/lips from yesterday.

    I wish Bret was doing both. Tall task for anyone, for that alone, Mike Manley should be commended.

    Best wishes, Mike is back on the drawing board soon.

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