The Past Week’s Comic Strips

The past week starts with today’s future Zippy where Griffy refuses to modernize.

© Bill Griffith

Check earlier in the week for more comic characters mentioned.


As long as we have comics featuring cartoonists, Thursday’s Ripley’s Believe It or Not,
where Kieran continues to delight with the fun he is having drawing (and writing?) the panel.

© Ripley Entertainment

“Strategic Inkcomtetents.”


The week started off with fantasy, which is not out of order for comic strips.


© MFry & TLewis

But Monday Don Wimmer with Rose is Rose and M Fry & T Lewis at Over the Hedge
kicked the fantasy up a notch.


Spanish as a Second Language

Lalo has The Sub-Marino guesting this week in La Cucaracha.

© Lalo Alcaraz

The comic strip is the high school Spanish lesson I never took.


Politics in the funny pages.
Not Doonesbury or Mallard Fillmore or Prickly City or La Cucaracha antes mencionada.

© Dave Coverly

Dave Coverly did a great job with the idea and the coloring on Speed Bump Thursday.


This past week saw GoComics introduce a new comic to the roster.

Seattle-based creator Meg Adams started Art by Moga on Instagram as a creative outlet in high school. In the feature as you know it today, Adams (whose pen name is Moga) illustrates everyday chronicles with her husband, Carson, and their spunky pups, Boedy and Luna. Join the family as they debate Coke vs. Pepsi, enjoy the small pleasures of fall (Adams is a huge Halloween lover), and navigate work-at-home life.

© Art by Moga

We are excited to welcome a new feature, Art by Moga, to our GoComics library this week!

An interview with Meg/Moga at the GoComics blog.


Do you read the vintage classic comic strips at Comics Kingdom and GoComics?

If not, here some of what you missed.

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