Special Guests Announced for CXC 2022 Festival


COLUMBUS, Ohio, — Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC), the international showcase for cartoon art, is excited to announce its featured guests for the 2022 festival running October 6th to 9th, the organization’s first fully in-person festival since 2019. CXC brings the global family of cartoon storytellers, comic makers, and animators together with the people who love and are inspired by cartoon art, and connects them in Columbus, Ohio


* Vincent Alexander (Musical Man and the Magic Kazoo) * Paige Braddock (Peanut, Butter, and Crackers, Jane’s World) * Barbara Brandon-Croft (Where I’m Coming From) * Peter Gallagher (Heathcliff) * Tom Gauld (Goliath, Revenge of the Librarians) * Laura Harrison (The Limits of Vision) * Myisha Haynes (Anne of West Philly) * Paul Jenkins (Wolverine: Origin, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) * Mathew Klickstein (See You at San Diego: An Oral History of Comic-Con, Fandom, and the Triumph of Geek Culture) * Keith Knight (The K Chronicles, The Knight Life, WOKE) * Maia Kobabe (Gender Queer: A Memoir) * Trung Le Nguyen (The Magic Fish) * MariNaomi (Life on Earth) *
Lee Marrs (The Further Fattening Adventures of Pudge, Girl Blimp) * Ingrid Ochoa (The Kiss Bet),
Ed Piskor (X-Men: Grand Design, Cartoonist Kayfabe) * Trina Robbins (Wimmen’s Comix, Wonder Woman) * Jim Rugg (Hulk: Grand Design, Cartoonist Kayfabe) * Frederik L. Schodt (Manga! Manga! The World of Japanese Comics) * Maria Scrivan (Nat Enough) * James Spooner (The High Desert, AFRO-PUNK) * Steenz (Heart of the City) * James Sturm (Off Season) * Ronald Wimberly (LAAB Magazine, Prince of Cats)*

I’m sure more will be added to the guest list,
keep up with all developments at the CXC site.