What Is So Rare As Sunday Funnies In June

We’ll Start with the BIG news of the day – Popeye.

I’ll note that Randy Miilholland has returned “Thimble Theatre” to the title panel.

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While Popeye fanatic Joseph Nebus notes, among other comments, another landmark:

Also, unless I’ve missed someone, Milholland will be only the second credited creator of the comic strip Popeye younger than the actual character Popeye. Bobby London, who drew the strip from 1986 to 1992, was born in 1950, but otherwise? Hy Eisman was born in 1927; Bud Sagendorf in 1915. Ralph Stein was born in 1909, Bela Zaboly in 1910, and Doc Winner in 1885. Elzie Segar, of course, was born before he drew his comic strip (I checked).


Wimpy Synchronicity


Early this past week the daily Popeye began a new reprint story with one of Wimpy’s more famous quotations. That same day in Hi and Lois: 

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It’s nice to see Shelley continue Joe’s habit of drawing Dick Tracy guests with familiar faces. Current villain has a distinct Victor Buono look. 


It’s Almost Crabgrass Season.

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Among all the comic strip news don’t forget that Tauhid Bondia’s Crabgrass is only a few weeks from debuting as a syndicated print comic strip.


Juxtaposition Posing

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B.C. follows Badlands on my GoComics reel, so the posing struck a chord Saturday.


© Jef Mallett

The Header comes from today’s Frazz.

Which, of course, is an homage to Pogo.


Or not.





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  1. The main reason Dick Tracy’s Mr Memory is drawn like Victor Buono is that the character originated in a TV pilot where the character was played by . . . Victor Buono.

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