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The Washington Post Writers Group Syndicate is “Winding Down Its Syndicated Cartoon Service”

A note in the Sunday (February 20th) Arizona Daily Star is the first public inkling that
The Washington Post’s syndication service (aka Washington Post Writers Group)
will be shuttering the editorial cartoon portion of that operation:

The Washington Post is winding down its syndicated cartoon service, which means the Star soon will no longer have access to Lisa Benson cartoons.



As far as is known this affects only the WPWG editorial cartoonists
Clay Bennett, Lisa Benson, Tim Campbell, Jeff Danziger, and Jack Ohman
and not the syndicate’s comic strips or other features.

In a shared letter to the Daily Star Opinion Editor editorial cartoonist Lisa Benson wrote:

Mr. Prendergast,

I have been made aware of this post in the Arizona Star (see screen shot). 

While it’s true that the Washington Post is winding down its syndicated cartoon service, it is categorically untrue that any cartoonist will be unavailable in syndication. 

Every cartoonist represented by the Washington Post is currently in talks with other syndicates. The work of each cartoonist will absolutely still be available in syndication. We are even in discussions to keep the entire lineup of editorial cartoonists together and available as a group, which would ensure a seamless transition for any clients who are buying our cartoons as a package [emphasis added]. Thank you for the opportunity to clear up any confusion about this matter. Stay ‘tooned for future developments.

Lisa benson 

Lisa added: “I’m still considering my options and expect to be around a while longer.”


to Mike Rhode for major assistance with this developing story.


Community Comments

#1 Lost in A**2
@ 8:31 pm

I thought Ann Telnaes was with the Washington Post. Was I wrong? Is she separate from the syndication?

#2 Mike Peterson
@ 4:28 am

Yes, she’s an employee of the newspaper, not part of the syndicate.

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