Andrews McMeel Entertainment presents Marmaduke

So far this century Marvel Entertainment has ruled the comics inspired film world, that is about to change as Andrews McMeel Entertainment begins its challenge for supremacy.

Until now I didn’t realize there was an Andrews McMeel film division.

From Cartoon Brew:

Originally set to release in 2020 but delayed by COVID-19 setbacks, the new animated Marmaduke film will hit Netflix in key territories on May 6.

Produced by Andrews McMeel Entertainment and Legacy Classics, the fully animated feature sees Marmaduke, voiced by Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson, training for the Westminster dog show. In the trailer, released today, we get a brief taste of the sleepy dog’s extensive training regimen and a quick look at how wrong things go for Marmaduke once he gets to the competition.

The Marmaduke trailer.

This seems to be the beginning of Andrews McMeel Entertainment
weaning the public off comic book adaptations and toward comic strip films.

And Andrews McMeel, unlike Marvel, credits the creator on the movie poster.


yeah, yeah, yeah: The Daily Cartoonist is also an Andrews McMeel subsidiary