A Pair of Poe


In 1926 Newspaper Enterprise Association (NEA) began a series of stories about American heroes.

These were brief one week (six daily comic strips) biographies about famous historical figures such as Nathan Hale, Molly Pitcher, George Custer, Betsy Ross, and others. Then they broke the mold by doing a two week (12 day) life story of Edgar Allan Poe.


Then they broke the mold again. They went back to six day installments, but followed the Poe biography by adapting eight Poe stories into daily comic strip form. This page shows the first two (of eight) POE STORIES adapted by Bill Braucher and Lawrence W. Redner.



Bonus Poe!
Mystery and Terror above. Sadness below.

Read Julian Peters‘ wonderful adaptation of Poe’s moving Annabel Lee.


All of Poe’s writings are in public domain so there are a multitude of selected or complete collections available. There are also a number of illustrated editions, mine is the Wilfried Satty Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe.