The Armstrong Project – Peanuts Scholarships

Peanuts Worldwide will announce Monday the launch of the Armstrong Project, which will provide $200,000 in endowments to two HBCUs: Howard University in Washington and Hampton University in Virginia.

The project will offer a scholarship to a student at each school who is studying the arts, animation, entertainment or communication, as well as provide mentorships and internships.

“I’m hopeful that the awareness and action we are creating through the Armstrong Project will grow into extraordinary expressions of creativity and accomplishment, as these students launch lifelong careers in the arts,” says Jean Schulz, widow of the cartoonist and president of the board of directors at the Charles M. Schulz Museum. “I’m personally so excited to see what they will achieve.”

Leaders at each university expressed their gratitude in statements to announce the project.

Michael Cavna, for The Washington Post, breaks the story.

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One thought on “The Armstrong Project – Peanuts Scholarships

  1. This report on this excellent news would be even better if it also mentioned the connection between this and comics artist Robb Armstrong, creator of the “JumpStart” comic.

    (Check out Cavna’s linked column, it is an interesting and important connection!)

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