CRNI Legal Network Aids Cartoonists

Cartoonists persecuted for their work anywhere on the globe now have the backing of a dedicated team of legal advisers.

The Cartoonists Rights Network International (CRNI), a nonprofit that advocates for political cartoonists attacked or detained for their work, has set up a legal advisory network thanks to a UNESCO grant.

The $23,000 grant, issued through UNESCO’s Global Media Defense Fund, has enabled the network to put together a team of lawyers and academics specializing in human and media rights, digital freedom and security issues.

It is a vital lifeline for cartoonists at a time when most work independently or as freelancers, and so have less support when they run into trouble.

“Back in the day [cartoonists] would go the head office to speak with their chief editor,” Terry Anderson, CRNI’s executive director, told VOA. “With the network, we can be that first person that they can call.”

Voice of America reports on the Cartoonists Rights Network International legal assistance arm.

Check out the good works of the Cartoonists Rights Network International at their website.