Wendell Copeland – RIP

Cartoonist Wendell Copeland has passed away.

Wendell Winthrop (Scotty) Copeland
September 6, 1931 ~ February 8, 2022


From the obituary:

[Wendell] loved to share stories of his life in the country, riding in his donkey cart pulled by Chiquita, or on his horse Pal, and fishing in the local pond.  Wendell joined the Army in 1948 and was stationed in Garmisch, Germany where he worked as company photographer. Upon his return to Connecticut, he began work at Wallace Barnes in Bristol, where he met his wife Louise. They married in 1953 and started a family. He then worked for Pratt and Whitney for 38 years before enjoying a retirement playing golf, gardening, traveling, drawing, spending time with his grandkids and riding his bicycle around town.

More from the obit:

An award winning photographer and illustrator, Wendell’s work was featured in numerous gallery & talent shows and after he retired, he became the resident illustrator for the Plainville Hometown Connection newspaper. His monthly cartoon strip “Pooch” demonstrated both his illustration talent and keen sense of humor. Wendell has designed holiday cards and has a Christmas Stamp at the Bethlehem CT Post Office that you can still use to stamp your Holiday cards with.

The Plainville Hometown Connection is a monthly paper serving Plainville, Connecticut. It’s archives go back to November 2012 and Wendell’s cartoons are in almost every issue, including the current edition (above). An untitled panel cartoon on the front page and a Pooch comic strip on the penultimate page, both relating to a holiday or occasion occurring during the month of publication, was the regular lineup.