Coming Soon – A Future Funnies Affair

The Sally Forth comic strip is 40. And Ces and Jim will take us back to the beginning beginning tomorrow (January 3). They give us a bit of forewarning in today’s strip.

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Also today, and going forward, is Patrick McDonnell‘s return to Mutts after an extended sabbatical. According to an earlier announcement:

MUTTS creator Patrick McDonnell will be on a six-month sabbatical to collaborate with His Holiness the Dalai Lama on a special project beginning on Monday, July 5, 2021, and continuing through January 1, 2022.

© Patrick McDonnell


© The Estate of Steve Canyon

Mid-January will see the diamond anniversary of Steve Canyon,
who first showed up, amid much hoopla, 75 years ago.


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Also mid-January will see an eight day Minit Mystery episode in Dick Tracy
from January 16 to January 23, with guest art by Charles Ettinger.


© Joe Wos

Beginning January 1st MazeToons by Joe Wos switched from Creators Syndicate to King Features.

Sadly a MazeToon planned for mid-January won’t go to newspapers – Joe’s tribute to Betty White.

Edited January 3 to add an advisory from Reed Brennan:

King Features Syndicate has issued a correction for MazeToons black and white for 1/17.
Correction: The caption below maze has been changed.



Only a few months left before David Finkle retires his Mr. Fitz comic strip on March 27, 2021 2022.
The strip can remain in your future by ordering the collections.

© David Finkle


© Bull Moose Publishing Co.

Sometime in the near future Hogan’s Alley #23 will appear in our mailboxes.
It will probably arrive before we get around to part two of our look at Mutt and Jeff.



Finally, sometime in the near(?) future (exact date unknown to us)
Crabgrass by Tauhid Bondia will begin being syndicated to a newspaper near you.

© Tauhid Bondia

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