Pearl Harbor 1941 – Cartoonists’ Take of the Time

Augustus J. Robinson, Boston Daily Globe 

Below are some editorial cartoons from the days following
the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor (80 years ago today).

[Note: offensive caricatures and a term for the Japanese people is used in a few of the cartoons.
They have not been ignored here and presented as part of the historical perspective.]

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Daniel Fitzpatrick, St. Louis Post-Dispatch 

Ding had several previous cartoons warning of treachery in the peace talks.

Ding Darling, New York Herald Tribune 

Clarence Klessig, Sheboygan Press 

Ding again 

John J. Powers, Montana Standard 

Bruce Russell, Los Angeles Times 

Harold E. Russell, Cincinnati Enquirer sports cartoonist 

Karl K. Knecht, Evansville Courier 

Hal Coffman, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram 

Ken Colgan, The Oklahoman 

Herbert Block, Newspaper Enterprise Association 

Max P. Milians, New York Herald Statesman 

Hank Barrow, Associated Press 

Reg Manning, Arizona Republic 

Harry S. Bressler, Daily Mirror 

Burt Thomas, Detroit News 

Edward (Ted) Brown, New York Herald Tribune