Library of American Comics Teams w/ Clover Press

Dean Mullaney has announced that beginning in 2022 The Library of American Comics publishing imprint will primarily be in partnership with Clover Press going forward.

The Library of American Comics founder and Creative Director Dean Mullaney announced that beginning in 2022 the primary home for LOAC and its sister imprint EuroComics will be Clover Press, co-founded by former IDW chief Ted Adams and EVP Robbie Robbins. Mullaney and Adams have a long history, going back to the legendary Eclipse Comics.


Mullaney explained, “Moving forward it’s become clear that IDW has less interest in archival projects, whereas LOAC has rededicated itself to preserving the history of classic newspaper comics [emphasis added] one strip at a time.”


LOAC intends to pursue all available distribution channels in order to reach both die-hard fans and new readers. While Clover will be LOAC’s primary home base, Mullaney said that some existing series—such as Lynn Johnston’s For Better or For Worse and Milton Caniff’s Steve Canyon—will continue to be released through IDW.

The partnership’s initial offering is the already announced reprinting
of the masterful Terry and the Pirates series by Milton Caniff.

Read the full press release here.