Michael Leunig and Newspapers’ Retrenchment

© Michael Leunig

Dateline: Australia

Leunig who has worked for The Age for decades has recently seen a decrease in his cartoon work. While he still files for Spectrum, the Saturday Age’s arts and culture lift-out, he is no longer drawing for its weekday issues. 

The decision came after Leunig posted a cartoon that has been widely dubbed as anti-vax.

Naturally, Leunig does not seem pleased with this decision, The Australian has reported that when he appeared on the Menzies Research Centre’s Watercooler Podcast, he said: “Earlier this year, I had 12 cartoons in a row censored, week after week, and without explanation.

B & T explore Michael Leunig’s evolving attitude toward the newspaper industry.

“The papers are more and more speaking to a very narrow band.”