Calvin & Hobbes Tops Poll for Next Musical


Multiversity Comics asked its readers to take a poll:

Last night saw NBC air Annie Live!, a new version of the classic musical Annie, based off of the classic comic strip “Little Orphan Annie.” 

[But] we got to thinking: what other comic strip should get a musical?

Now, we already have You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, so “Peanuts” is out. While not originally comic strip characters, Superman AND Spider-Man both have had newspaper comic strips and musicals based off of them (It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Superman and Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark). The Addams Family, Doonesbury, and Lil’ Abner all had varying degrees of success on Broadway as well. But what’s next?

© Bill Watterson

The results were revealed today:

“Calvin and Hobbes” narrowly squeaked out the winning vote with 26.1% of the vote …

Coming in second was “The Far Side,” another nearly unadaptable work …

Rounding out the top three was “Bloom County” …

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