Web Comics Go Big and Go Print

Webtoons Webcomics Get Into Print

The webcomics giant Webtoon is getting into print comics publishing, with a planned fall 2022 debut. Webtoon Unscrolled will be a print graphic novel imprint part of its sister company Wattpad Webtoon Book Group.

Tower of God © SIU; Everything is Fine © Mike Birchall

Webtoon Unscrolled will be led by newly-hired executive editor Bobbie Chase, an American comics industry veteran who has been everything from Marvel’s co-editor-in-chief to most recently, DC’s vice president/executive editor of young reader and talent development.

Games Radar/Newsarama has the early details.


Also Webcomics, the Last Ten Years

The most recent History of Webcomics article was written for The Comics Journal by webcartoonist Shaenon Garrity in 2011, which means that the whole past decade of developments in digital comics have gone mostly unsummarized. Since 2011, a lot has happened, in the world, in technology, and in webcomics themselves.

© Andrew Hussie

The 2010s in comics are marked by the rise of services that make it easier than ever for creators to fund their projects: Gumroad, Patreon, Kickstarter, Ko-fi, and other such things, and simultaneously the slow decline of independent websites as people spent more and more time on mass social networks.

Monetization has evolved significantly since the decade began. Before Patreon, webcomics were forced to rely on merchandise sales and advertising to make a profit…When Patreon launched in 2013, it allowed creatives to offer exclusive content with a paid subscription model. Suddenly thousands of cartoonists could get paid on a monthly, biweekly, or even per-comic basis to keep doing what they were already doing. Patreon revolutionized the ability of independent artists to make an income from their work.