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Tom Gauld comic

Below are some comic strip and cartoon books scheduled for November 2021 release.
Images and links (mostly) via Amazon,
though ordering through your local comic or independent book store is a good idea.


American Comics: A History 


Pearls Awaits the Tide 


Graphic Witness (second edition, expanded)


Rubes Twisted Pop Culture


Rube Goldberg and His Amazing Machines (review)


Comics and the Origins of Manga


Send Help!


Mutts Moments 


The Strange Death of Alex Raymond (review)


I Will Not Die Alone


The Complete Peanuts 1981-1982 (paperback edition)
The Complete Peanuts 1979-1982 gift box set (paperback edition)


Peanuts Every Sunday 1991-1995


Kyle Theory 


Murder Book


The E.C. Segar Popeye Sundays Volume One (1931-1932)


Banana Fox and the Book-Eating Robot (sneak peek)


The Treasury of British Comics: The Tom Paterson Collection


Stink Eye


Our Artists at War


Prince Valiant Vol. 24: 1983-1984
Prince Valiant Vols. 10-12 (1955-1960) gift box set 


Let It Happen


The EC Archives: Frontline Combat Volume 3


Comedy is the Remedy


Overlooked in October:

House of Wally


I Had A Leaf Stuck To My Shoe


Sun Spots


Returning to November:

The Art of Pink Floyd The Wall 


Green Humour for a Greying Planet 


Cherry Sundae


Gorey Secrets