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I’m always fascinated by cartoonists cartooning about cartoonists.
Got a three-fer this week with In The Bleachers by Benz Thursday
and JumpStart by Robb Armstrong today.

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And Ralph Hagen’s Rory’s The Barn.

© Ralph Hagen


© G. B. Trudeau

“Zonk, since you don’t age…”

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Though G. B. Trudeau did talk about the evergreen
Doonesbury character in an interview early this year:

While Joanie Caucus has aged visually as she went from being a mom to grandmother in the strip, Zonker Harris doesn’t look a day older than he did when he showed up in B.D.’s football huddle in September 1971.

“I would say that Zonker is probably the Snoopy of Doonesbury,” Trudeau says. “I don’t draw him any differently, haven’t given him any gray hair. I allow him to be kind of forever young, although he has become a little bit more responsible now that he’s running a business.”


Why? Why? Why?

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Why does GoComics offer the  for Brewster Rockit
but not any of the other Tribune Content Agency strips?

Why does King Features Syndicate include Mt. Pleasant on their syndication page
but not any of the other Tribune Content Agency strips?


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Why hasn’t GoComics, which runs all of Creators Syndicate‘s first run comic strips,
added Andy Marlette‘s new Shrimp & Grits to their lineup?
(Arcamax carries the Creators strips that GoComics doesn’t.)

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Bruce Tinsley returns to Mallard Fillmore for the first time since June,
but it turns out to be a rerun.


I’m a Plugger! (Add manual windows.)

Feeling nostalgic with Gary Brookins on both the Sunday Shoe and Pluggers today.

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Paul Trap‘s Thatababy treats me to a double dose of my favorite adventure strip!


© Jason Chatfield; Ginger Meggs ™ Winslow Investments Pty Ltd

Jason Chatfield concludes his celebratory week with a recreation of
the first panel featuring Ginger Meggs from November 13, 1921. 
More Ginger Centennial celebrations:
Jason and Ginge at the Australian Consulate in New York. Photos
A 1947 PSA from Ginger Meggs’ creator Jimmy Bancks.


The 2021 King Features Directory is out,
with an article about the KFS Reuben nominees.


Strip Scene, of the late ’70s and early ’80s, was perhaps the best comic strip fanzine ever;
edited by Carl Horak it boasted an A-list of comics historians as contributors.