WWII Soldier Cartoons by Soldier Cartoonists

Military publications distribute news to the soldiers and often include cartoons to ease the tension.


Some by soldiers and some by patriotic civilians.

As much as love Milton Caniff‘s morale boosting Miss Lace
today we’ll concentrate on those soldier cartoonists.

Our source is Wing Tips from the Mather Air Field of 1944. The weekly publication spread cartoons though out the paper and devoted its back page to comic strips and panels.



Most famous of the soldier cartoonists seen here are Bill Mauldin and Leonard Sansone
(Wing Tips didn’t print George Baker’s Sad Sack in the issues available)
There were other cartoonists that went on to successful careers in the field.




Tony Abruzzo and here



Irwin Hasen and here


Zeke Zekley and here





Mather Air Field’s own Wayne Thiebaud and here


digression: the story of Kilroy and why he was there